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Since 2002, we have been providing high-quality, internationally recognized Montessori education. 

Graduates of Montessori Teacher Preparation of the U.S. in the Philippines (MTP of Phils.) receive the prestigious AMS credential with MACTE seal. The AMS/MACTE credential is accepted all around the world by Montessori schools. Graduates of our program have successfully found jobs in Montessori schools all over the world.


Since 2002, MTP of Phils has been providing Early Childhood (Level 3-6), Infant and Toddler (Level Birth to 3), and Elementary (Level 6-9) education programs all across the Philippines and worldwide. As the first Montessori education center in the country to offer a formal and comprehensive Montessori education certification programs, we are extremely proud of our accomplishment. 

Now on its 21st year, MTP of Phils has offered and successfully completed full certification courses including 28 Early Childhood, 3 Infant-Toddler, and three Elementary courses since April 2002. 

AMS Affiliation and MACTE Accreditation

MTP of Phils. is the first Montessori training institution in the Philippines to be accredited by Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (, an independent accrediting entity authorized by the U.S. Department of Education. MTP of Phils. holds Full Affiliate status for its Infant and Toddler (Level Birth to 3) and Early Childhood (Level 3 to 6) teacher education courses with the American Montessori Society through the year 2028 and 2024 respectively. This is in conjunction with the MACTE-accreditation of the aforementioned courses.

Click here to learn more about AMS and MACTE.

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