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Early Childhood Training

Montessori Teacher Preparation of the U.S. holds Full Affiliate status for its Early Childhood (Level 3 to 6) teacher education course with the American Montessori Society through 2024. This is in conjunction with the MACTE-accreditation of the aforementioned course.

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"The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life." 


The Early Childhood (Level 3 to 6) Montessori course is designed to equip adults desiring to become Montessori 3-6 teachers. It is also an incredible resource for parents who want to fully support their children in a developmentally appropriate home environment.


MTPP courses are organized and administered under the following formats:

Academic Phase

Schedule: (300 hours/6 weeks)

This course takes a total of 300-hours of sequential onsite lectures on Montessori philosophy and theory, early childhood theories, and demonstrations of Montessori materials and lessons. The academic phase is held in a 6-week period, from Monday to Saturday and from 8:00am to 5:00pm.It will close after the 6th week after allowing adult learners for a two-week break before the practicum phase commences.  

The classroom instruction includes eleven (11) separate classes presented through lectures and presentation of the Montessori materials. Time will be given for adult learners to practice with materials and corporately work on some of the written assignments. 


Classes include:

Montessori Education Philosophy 

Child Development and Psychology

Practical Life 




Social Studies (Geography and History)

Physical and Life Science including Botany and Zoology

Art, Music, and Movement 


Effective Leadership, Administration and Montessori Best Practices 

Parent Involvement and Education 

Practicum Phase

The 720-hour, nine months, half days (4 hours daily) practicum phase is a special time when the “new Montessori teacher” puts into practice the theory, philosophy, and concepts s/he acquired during the academic phase of the program under the supervision of a certified Montessori teacher in an approved practicum site. The practicum allows the adult learner to experience and reflect on the development of the curriculum in the classroom setting as well as the growth and development of each child. Adult learners participate and complete 24 hours of practicum seminars throughout the practicum phase.  


Adult learners complete Montessori “Albums” (Curriculum albums) and written assignments.

Final review and written examinations are a requirement of the AMS/MACTE-approved teacher education courses. Upon successful completion, adult learners are awarded the AMS/MACTE Early Childhood credential.

Tuition and Fees, Level 3-6

Application Fee:

Course Fee:

Deposit (deductible from course fee):




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