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The term "Montessori" is not copyrighted. Anyone can claim to be a Montessori Institution. Whether you are looking for international training or a Montessori school for your child, check for the authenticity of their claims. 

Montessori Philippines is the only Montessori training institution in the Philippines that is accredited by an independent accrediting organization called MACTE. An affiliation to an international organization is not the equivalent to MACTE accreditation. 

If you are looking for a Montessori school for your child, verify that each classroom's lead guide has taken training in a MACTE-accredited course. In addition to a prepared environment, owners and administrators should not be the only ones that have taken formal MACTE-accredited training, but teachers (who spend all day with your child) as well in order to ensure a quality Montessori program. 

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